TOP 5 Essentials For Your Dispensary Start Up In Thailand

With the legalization of Cannabis in Thailand, more and more dispensaries are popping up each day.  For many people it is a dream to start their own dispensary, but to be a successful it is essential to make sure you treat it like a business.  For a profitable dispensary, it is essential you always keep it well stocked up to ensure it will run smoothly and that there is always enough inventory and variety in store for clients.

Here we’ll share our tips on how to keep your dispensary well stocked and 5 products that are essential to stock up in your store to keep your customers happy and coming back time and time again.

1. Quality Herb

The most important product you will need to ALWAYS have in stock is quality cannabis.  This is the main reason people will be visiting your dispensary. Once they choose the herb of their preference, you can then sell them additional products which aid their smoking experience.  

Depending on your preference and what you know your clientele want, you will need to decide what strains and types of cannabis you keep stocked on the shelves.  Now the options are endless from pre-rolls, edibles, sativa, indica, vape cartridges etc.  Whatever products you decide to stock, the golden rule to remember is to always have a steady supply available to keep clients happy and always coming back for more.


2. Custom Grinders, Custom Rolling Trays and Accessories

Custom Grinders

Custom grinders, custom rolling trays and other cannabis related accessories are also essential products to have stocked up on your dispensary shelves.  You want customers to be able to walk in to your dispensary and purchase everything they could need to enjoy the products once they leave.  For example, once they buy the herb, they will also need to purchase a grinder, a rolling tray, rolling paper or pre rolled cones, a lighter, an ashtray.  You want to be able to supply them with everything needed so that they have no reason to step in to another dispensary for a product they are missing.


3.  Custom Rolling Papers and Custom Pre Rolled Cones

Custom Pre Rolled Cones

It is paramount to stock products, customer need to enjoy the full smoking experience. Custom rolling papers and custom pre rolled cones are amongst the most top most essential products to offer in your dispensary as it will be needed to enjoy your products.  Keep your shelves stocked with as many paper types and sizes possible, as different people like to enjoy their smoke in different ways. At we offer the widest range of paper types, sizes, colors, and we also do a variety of flavored pre rolled cones for a truly unique smoking experience.

Custom Rolling Paper

4. Custom Branded Canna SWAG

While custom cannabis swag is not an absolute essential, it is an easy way to increase sales and get your brand name out there.  Types of branded products you can keep in store are caps, keychains, hoodies, mugs, t-shirts, stickers.  Visit at to see the whole range of custom branded cannabis swag we can do for you.  Another way that you can use these custom products is to run promos, such as offering free products after they spend a certain amount.  This will help drive up the amount they spend in store whilst promoting your brand when they leave.  We'd say that's a win-win!!

5. Custom Canna Packaging

Custom Cannabis Packaging

Custom Cannabis Packaging can sometimes be overlooked, however they are essential for your dispensary to run smoothly.  You need a place to store the bud so that they stay fresh yet are visible to customers so that they can make their choice on what they want.  You’ll also want to keep custom smell proof bags to pack the herb in for customers to take home after they’ve made their purchase.  Investing a little more to have them also custom-made with your brand logo is a great way to promote your brand once the customer leaves your store.


Visit today to stock up your dispensary with custom rolling papers, custom pre-rolls, canna packaging, canna swag and all other products you could need for your dispensary to take it to new levels.


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