Custom Flavored Hemp Wraps

      Showcase your brand with custom flavored hemp wraps - personalized gear that leaves a lasting impression! Choose your preferred flavors for custom hemp wraps, hemp wrap curls, sheets, spools, pre-rolled cones, and more.






      UV SPOT


      Blueberry Moon Magic

      Enchanted Apple Adventure

      Mango Mambo Mania

      Melody Melon Mesa

      Chocolate Choco-Land

      Straw-berry Starburst

      Grape Galaxy Quest

      Cherry Comet Zoom

      Coconut Island Twirl

      Orange Orchard Breeze

      Peachy Pixie Dust

      And many more!

      FAQ about hemp wrap

      1. What are natural hemp wraps made from?

      Natural hemp wraps are made from the fibers of the hemp plant. These fibers are processed to create a paper-like material that can be used for rolling. Unlike traditional rolling papers, hemp wraps do not contain tobacco and are often free from additives and chemicals.

      2. How do natural hemp wraps differ from traditional rolling paper wraps?

      Natural hemp wraps differ from traditional rolling paper wraps in several ways:

          • Material: Hemp wraps are made from hemp fibers, while traditional rolling papers are often made from wood pulp, rice, or flax.
          • Texture and Thickness: Hemp wraps tend to be thicker and have a coarser texture compared to traditional rolling papers.
          • Additives: Many traditional rolling papers contain additives for flavor or burning properties, whereas hemp wraps are typically more natural and free from such additives.
          • Tobacco-Free: Hemp wraps do not contain tobacco, making them a preferable choice for those looking to avoid tobacco products.

      3. Are natural hemp wraps healthier than other types of rolling papers?

      Natural hemp wraps are often considered healthier than other types of rolling papers because they are free from tobacco and many harmful additives and chemicals. However, smoking any substance carries health risks, so "healthier" is relative and does not imply they are safe.

      4. Can you taste the difference with hemp wraps compared to other materials?

      Yes, many users report a distinct taste difference when using hemp wraps. Hemp wraps can impart a slightly earthy or nutty flavor to the smoking experience, which some users prefer over the neutral or chemically-enhanced flavors of traditional rolling papers.

      5. What sizes do natural hemp wraps come in?

      Natural hemp wraps come in various sizes, typically ranging from small (about 1¼ size) to larger options like King size and even wider wraps for bigger rolls. The exact dimensions can vary by brand.

      6. Are there flavored varieties of hemp wraps available?

      Yes, there are flavored varieties of hemp wraps available. Flavors can range from fruity options like grape or strawberry to more unique flavors like chocolate or mint.

      7. Are hemp wraps biodegradable or environmentally friendly?

      Hemp wraps are generally considered more environmentally friendly compared to traditional rolling papers. Hemp is a renewable resource that grows quickly with less impact on the environment. Additionally, hemp wraps are typically biodegradable.

      8. Can hemp wraps be considered vegan and organic?

      Hemp wraps can be considered vegan and organic if they are made without animal products and are grown without the use of synthetic pesticides or fertilizers. Many brands specifically market their hemp wraps as vegan and organic to cater to these preferences.

      9. What are the legal considerations for buying and using hemp wraps?

      Legal considerations for buying and using hemp wraps vary by location. In many places, hemp products are legal if they contain less than 0.3% THC, the psychoactive component of cannabis. However, it's essential to check local laws and regulations as they can differ significantly.

      10. How durable are hemp wraps when rolling?

      Hemp wraps are generally quite durable and flexible, making them relatively easy to roll. Their thickness helps prevent tearing during the rolling process, providing a smooth and secure wrap.


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