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Rolling Paper Machines

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How to start your own rolling paper factory!

Are you looking to open your own rolling paper factory and searching for rolling paper interleaving machines, pre roll cone machines, booklet packaging machines? This is the consulting service for you.

Sit one on one with Sam, and he will guide you through the whole process of opening your own rolling paper factory, guiding you through:

  • Machine requirements
  • Paper supply
  • Gum supply
  • Packaging procurement
  • Factory setup
  • Manufacturing workflow
  • Capital requirements
  • Capacity efficiency
  • And many more!

Please note; this is a consulting service done over zoom at a time that fits you and Sam. 

This purchase is for a one on one consulting session (billed by the hour), walking you through the whole process of starting your own rolling paper factory in which ever country you like.

Q: Do you supply the machines?
A: Yes, we do. And for the machines we cannot supply, we will tell you which vendor to purchase the machines from.


Q: Do you supply paper?
A: Yes, we do.


Q: Do you supply the gum?
A: Yes, we do.


Q: How is this consulting structured?
A: After you make the purchase, there will be a digital download questionnaire that you will fill out and email back. Once you have emailed it back, Sam will schedule a time that works for you and for him that will be hosted via Zoom.


Q: What can we discuss on the Zoom call?
A: Whatever you wish. Everyone is at a different point in the manufacturing life cycle, hence every consulting session is unique.


Q: Are your rates negotiable?
A: Unfortunately, they are not