Custom Air Freshener - ROLL YOUR OWN PAPERS.COM
Custom Air Freshener - ROLL YOUR OWN PAPERS.COM
Custom Air Freshener - ROLL YOUR OWN PAPERS.COM
Custom Air Freshener - ROLL YOUR OWN PAPERS.COM

Custom Air Freshener

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Custom Air Freshener with FREE shipping



Picture this - you hand your dispensary client over a CUSTOM (with your logo) AIR FRESHENER for their car...Which dispensary do you think they going to remember when driving down the road? 🤯


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For a comprehensive product catalog, please click here.

For a free mock up, please click here.

  • Sizing availability: any shape under 4".
  • Thickness: 0.08"
  • Material: White card with high density cotton.
  • Imprint area: Full edge to edge with die cutting around your logo!
  • Bleed: Yes.
  • Turnaround time: 2 to 3 weeks.
  • Minimums: 100 custom air fresheners.
  • Setups: None.
  • Free shipping: Yes shipped via FedEx IE or DHL to door.
  • Blind shipping: Yes, please add note to order when checking out.
  • Quantity represents one design. I.E. if the order is 200 fresheners with two separate designs, please choose 100 fresheners (from the drop-down), and change the quantity from one to two.

There is no hidden costs, setups - no nonsense pricing policy.

To download template/s, please see below link/s:

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us on

Q: What's the printable area on the air fresheners?
A: Full color edge to edge with your logo custom die cut.


Q: What is the material air fresheners?
A: White paper board mixed with cotton!


Q: What scents do you have?
A: Quite a bit! LEMON, APPLE, ORANGE, BLUEBERRY, PEAR, STRAWBERRY, PEACH, GRAPE, ROSE, LAVENDER, LILY, PINE, JASMINE, GREEN TEA and VANILLA! If there is a scent you want to custom make, contact us by clicking here.


Q: What's the max sizing area for the fresheners?

A: Under 4"


Q: What are the minimums?
A: The standard MOQ is 100 custom air fresheners. For a fully custom order, contact us on  


Q: Where do I get templates?
A: Check out the artwork guideline.


Q: What is the turnaround time?
A: 2 to 3 weeks from the date you sign off on the artwork!


A: Do you offer a free mock up?
A: Of course we do! Click here for a free mock up!


Q: What for of color separation do you use?


Q: I have an idea…?
A: Contact us on 

1 air freshener inside a sealed plastic bag