Custom Printed Tab Enclosure Booklets with Tips - ROLL YOUR OWN PAPERS.COM
Custom Printed Tab Enclosure Booklets with Tips - ROLL YOUR OWN PAPERS.COM
Custom Printed Tab Enclosure Booklets with Tips - ROLL YOUR OWN PAPERS.COM
Custom Printed Tab Enclosure Booklets with Tips - ROLL YOUR OWN PAPERS.COM

Custom Printed Tab Enclosure Booklets with Tips

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Custom Printed Tab Enclosure Booklets + Tips with FREE shipping



Looking for custom printed booklets in a tab enclosure? This is the purchase for you!


Whether you are a dispensary, caregiver, head shop, wholesaler or just want a rolling paper booklet as a business card you have come to the right place! What sets us apart from the competition is that we are a manufacturer and you are buying factory direct! We have the lowest prices and the highest quality compared to any vendor out there.


No one else in the manufacturing space can do this at these volumes. Yes thats right, we pride ourselves being the only custom rolling paper manufacturer in the world who can offer custom printed booklet rolling paper with tips at 2,000 booklets minimum.


The choice of the sizes are:

  • 1 1/4 Size (40 leaves + 40 tips)
  • King Slim Size (32 leaves + 32 tips) 


Standard Packaging and Printing:

  • 22 Booklets per Custom Display box
  • Full color CMYK printing on Booklets and Display box


Types of Flat Tips to choose from (With or Without Perforated Lines):

  • White Tips
  • Brown Tips
  • Cotton Tips


Paper types you can choose from:

  • Unbleached 100% Pure Hemp Fibre 13GSM - Like RAW Organic
  • Unbleached Unrefined Wood Pulp 12.5 GSM - Like RAW Brown
  • Rice White Paper 13.5GSM - Like ELEMENTS
  • Pink Papers 13.5 GSM
  • Green Papers 13.5 GSM
  • Blue Papers 13.5 GSM
  • Purple Papers 13.5 GSM


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For a comprehensive product catalog, please click here.

For a free mock up, please click here.


  • 1 1/4 Size - 40 Leaves + 40 Tips 79.3mm x 52mm | 3.12" x 2.04"
  • King Slim Size - 32 Leaves + 32 Tips 110mm x 52.1mm | 4.33" x 2.05"
  • Imprint area: Full edge to edge.
  • Bleed: Yes.
  • Application technique: 100% CMYK on Booklet and Display Box.
  • Turnaround time:  Rush - 2.5 weeks; Standard - 5.5 weeks
  • Minimums: Rush - 132-1056 booklets; Standard - 2,000 booklets +
  • Setups: No.
  • Free shipping: Yes shipped via FedEx IE or DHL to door.
  • Blind shipping: Yes, please add note to order when checking out.
  • Quantity represents one design. I.E. if the order is 5,000 booklets with two separate designs, please choose 2,500 booklets (from the drop down), and change the quantity from one to two.

There is no hidden costs, setups - no nonsense pricing policy.

Q: Print? What can you print?
A: Full color CMYK on packaging and display box.


Q: Can you add flavor?
A: Unfortunately we cannot at the moment but we are working on the technology! Circle back to this page in the future!


Q: Can you handle a totally custom project?
A: Sure we can. Any print, any number of leaves, any paper size, any booklet size, any display box size, any gum width and any master carton size. #DreamItAndWeCanMakeIt.


Q: What are the minimums?
A: The standard MOQ is 132-1056 booklets for Rush; 2,000+ booklets for Standard - 22 booklets per box. For a fully custom order, contact us on


Q: Where do I get templates?
A: Check out the artwork guideline.


Q: What is the turnaround time?
A:Rush - 2.5 weeks; Standard - 5.5 weeks from the date you sign off on your artwork.


A: Do you offer a free mock up?
A: Of course we do! Click here for a free mock up!


Q: What ink do you use?
A: Full Color CMYK. 


Q: What is your flat tips choice?
A: White Tips, Brown Tips, Cotton Tips 


Q: What is your paper base?

A: Unbleached 100% Pure Hemp Fibre (13GSM) - Like RAW Organic, Unbleached Unrefined Wood Pulp (12.5GSM) - Like RAW Brown, Rice White Paper (13.5 GSM) - LIKE ELEMENTS, Pink Papers 13.5GSM, Green Papers 13.5 GSM, Blue Papers 13.5 GSM, Purple Papers 13.5 GSM


Q: What gum do you use?
A: Certified 100% natural Arabic gum.


Q: I have an idea…?
A: Contact us on  

22 booklets a display box