Custom Stainless Steel Rolling Tray - ROLL YOUR OWN PAPERS.COM
Custom Stainless Steel Rolling Tray - ROLL YOUR OWN PAPERS.COM
Custom Stainless Steel Rolling Tray - ROLL YOUR OWN PAPERS.COM
Custom Stainless Steel Rolling Tray - ROLL YOUR OWN PAPERS.COM

Custom Stainless Steel Rolling Tray

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Custom Stainless Steel Rolling Tray with FREE shipping



Looking for a SUPER PREMIUM rolling tray? This is the tray for you! Made from 100% SS430 stainless steel we can custom engrave your logo on it making it look super classy!


The choice of the trays are: 

  • Small tin tray (our best seller)
  • Medium tin tray


The choice of base colors are:

  • Gold (our best seller)
  • Rose Gold
  • White Gold
  • Iridescence
  • Matte Black


Why steel?

  • It screams premium!
  • Solid to the touch.
  • Virtually unbreakable.
  • Will last forever.


So what you waiting for? Hit add to cart and check out now! When checking out, kindly add note to order for white or black base custom melamine rolling tray.


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  • Sizing Availability:
    • Small: 7.05" (length) x 3.35" (width) x 0.315" (height)
    • Medium: 8.98" (length) x 3.74" (width) x 0.315" (height)
  • Imprint area: Laser engraved middle only.
  • Bleed: None.
  • Application technique: Laser engraving
  • Turnaround time: 7 days.
  • Minimums: 100 steel rolling trays.
  • Setups: None.
  • Free shipping: Yes shipped via FedEx IE or DHL to door.
  • Blind shipping: Yes, please add note to order when checking out.

There is no hidden costs, setups - no nonsense pricing policy.

To download templates for the custom stainless steel trays:

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us on

Q: Hold up! This is made from solid steel? Whaaat?

A: Yea boiiii! Made from SS403 sold steel!


Q: How do you guys get my logo on it?

A: Laser engrave!


Q: What color bases do you stock, and what are the differences?

A: Colors we stock:

  • Yellow Gold - Our bestseller as its shiny as f**k!
  • White Gold - Similar to gold but you get the picture.
  • Matte Black - One of a kind, if your brand is dark mode!
  • Iridescence - It's that two-tone metal - kinda when you burn metal and get the purplish look.
  • Rose Gold - Now this is for the ballers who want that AP rose gold look on a tray!


Q: Is there any screen charges?

A: None.


Q: What is the minimum run for the custom tin rolling trays?

A: 100 steel rolling trays.


Q: What is the turnaround time?

A: 7 days!


Q: Can you print on the steel rolling trays?

A: Unfortunately for now we can't. If you are in the market for 2000 trays and above, then we can.


Q: I want a higher quantity, do you offer volume discounts?

A: Yes! Get in touch with us on 


Q: What is the reseller code on this product?

A: Please refer to catalog, by clicking here


Q: Can I custom-make my dimensions?

A: Unfortunately no, as we have to stock blanks and print when we have an order.


Q: Is shipping FREE?

A: Yes, shipping is free worldwide!


Q: How does this ship?

A: Either by FedEx or DHL.


Q: What is your bestseller?

A: The small steel tray!

100 trays a shipping case for small and 50 trays a shipping case for medium size