10 Cannabis promotional products you can you use to promote your dispensary

10 Cannabis promotional products you can you use to promote your dispensary

The world of promotional products in the cannabis industry is huge and there are a hundred of different products you can use.

We have put together the ultimate list of cannabis promotional products that you can use to increase footfall in to your dispensary.  This list includes all the top products we have sold to dispensaries that have seen proven results.

Scroll this post and find the perfect promotional product for your dispensary, and get ready to start seeing sales go up.  We have included a range of products which will all work wonderfully to promote your dispensary and keep the customers coming back.

Here is a quick index of all the products we are going to be discussing today and why they are the best cannabis promotional products:


Let’s drive deep in to a each of these products and look at how they can help boost sales by promoting your dispensary:


  1. Custom Rolling Papers:

    Rolling papers are an essential tool for many cannabis users, making them a perfect promotional item. Customizing these with your dispensary’s logo or unique artwork not only increases brand visibility but also directly connects your business with the everyday practices of your customers. Offering high-quality, branded rolling papers can remind users of your dispensary each time they pull out their booklet to roll, potentially increasing return visits and word-of-mouth recommendations.
    Custom Rolling Papers
  2. Custom Rolling Trays:

    Rolling trays provide a large canvas for creative branding. They are not only functional, ensuring users have a dedicated space for rolling, but also serve as a prominent display of your dispensary's branding inside a user's home. Custom rolling trays can be designed with striking graphics or subtle logos, catering to the aesthetic preferences of your target market, enhancing brand recall each time the tray is used.
    Custom Rolling Trays

  3. Branded Grinders:

    A grinder is a tool that users may not replace often, so providing a high-quality branded grinder can place your dispensary's name in front of customers regularly for a long period. Effective grinders enhance the user's experience by preparing their herb smoothly and efficiently, associating your brand with high quality and reliability.
    Branded Grinders

  4. Logo Stash Jars:

    Custom stash jars with your dispensary's logo not only promote brand loyalty but also serve a practical purpose in preserving the freshness of cannabis. By offering premium, airtight stash jars, your dispensary can position itself as a provider of complete cannabis solutions, emphasizing quality and care, which can lead to increased customer trust and retention.
    Logo Stash Jars
  5. Custom Beanie:

    Apparel items like beanies are fantastic for brand exposure. They're worn in public, providing free walking advertisements. Custom beanies and other apparel items can be stylish and appealing, making them desirable for customers to wear regularly. This continual exposure helps to normalize and integrate your brand into everyday life, extending your reach beyond typical marketing environments.
    Custom Beanie

  6. Branded Ashtray:

    Ashtrays are indispensable for smokers, and branded ashtrays can serve as a constant reminder of your dispensary. They offer a permanent spot in a user’s smoking area, which can be at home or in social settings, acting as a subtle yet effective promotional tool. This can help keep your brand top of mind whenever users gather to enjoy a smoke session together.
    Branded Ashtray

  7. Custom Dab Mat:

    For dispensaries that cater to concentrate enthusiasts, custom dab mats make an excellent promotional product. They provide a heat-resistant surface for handling sticky concentrates, offering a functional addition to the user’s accessory collection. With your dispensary’s logo on a dab mat, you anchor your brand in the growing concentrate market.
    Custom Dab Mat

  8. Custom Key Chains:

    Key chains are a low-cost, high-visibility promotional product. They are carried everywhere, offering daily exposure. Custom keychains can be designed with unique, eye-catching designs that spark conversations, potentially drawing more customers to your dispensary.
    Custom Key Chains

  9. Pre-roll Tubes:

    Pre-roll tubes protect the integrity of pre-rolled joints and can be a subtle yet effective marketing tool. They’re portable, often shared among friends, and offer repeated exposure. Custom tubes can be colorful, branded, and designed to stand out, serving not only as protection for the product but also as mobile advertising.
    Pre-roll Tubes

  10. Custom Lighter Leash:

    A lighter leash is a practical accessory that keeps a lighter attached to the user, reducing the chance of losing it and ensuring your dispensary's name is always within reach. This tool can be branded with your logo, making every lighting moment a reminder of where the lighter—and ideally the cannabis it’s lighting—came from, reinforcing brand loyalty.
    Custom Lighter Leash

Each of these products not only serves a functional purpose but also enhances the consumer's experience, making them feel part of a larger community centered around your dispensary. This is a great way to promote repeat business along with also attracting new customers through referrals and visibility.

Key Takeaways

These are some of the best and most useful cannabis promotional that you should know about when you are looking for products to use to promote your dispensary.  When you use these products and customize it with your branding, they are guaranteed to keep reminding clients of your dispensary, resulting in them coming back and they make a great conversation started which can attract new clients.

There is a great mix of low to higher cost of products on this list, and you should definitely check the out and see which one fits in to your budget.  Either way, whichever one you choose will be effective in promoting your dispensary.

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