Papers & Booklets Related

 Q: What rolling paper blends do you have? 

A:*see below*


Q: Are your HEMP papers 100% HEMP? 

A: YES! Our Unbleached Hemp papers are made from 100% REAL HEMP. CLICK HERE to download our TUV test report.


Q: What gum do you use?

A: 100% Natural Arabic Gum. CLICK HERE to download our TUV test report.


Q: What rolling paper sizes do you have? 

A: *see below*


Q: Can I customize a display/POS box? 

A: Yes! Fully printed display boxes are FREE OF CHARGE with all online orders!


Q: How many booklets in a display box?

A: 50 booklets per display box is the standard. If you need a custom one get in touch!

Q: What colors can you print? 

A: We use offset printing and colors are separated by CMYK

Q: Can you make booklets with filter tips? 

A: Yes! Our filter tip machines are up in running and ready to take orders!

Q: How many papers per booklet?

A: *see below*


Q: What other printing effects can you do? 

A: Embossing, de-bossing, hologram printing and UV printing are a few examples. If the printing technology exists - we can do it! Please contact us on hello(at)rollyourownpapers.com, for a FREE custom quote.


Q: Do you offer customized watermarking? 

A: Yes! Our watermarking is a proprietary technology that mixes part drum and part UV. Unlike other manufacturers we only charge a ONE TIME fee (ranged from $4000-$5000 depending on complexity of design) to setup your watermark and thereafter there is NO additional charge per booklet of output. The watermark is your property and good for 2M booklets or 5 years - whichever comes first.


Q: Can you print on the papers?

A: UPDATE SEPTEMBER 2017 - Yes we can now!


Ordering Related

Q: What are your minimums?

A: 150 Booklets.


Q: Do you offer a rush service?

A: Yes! Get in touch with us on hello@rollyourownpapers.com 


Q: What forms of payment do you accept?

A: All major credit cards and for larger orders we accept wire transfer of letter of credit.


Q: I would like to pay via a bank transfer, can I send a wire instead?

A: Sure you can, please send us an email on hello@rollyourownpapers.com for wire instructions.


Q: Are there any hidden charges? 

A: There are NO HIDDEN CHARGES! All pricing includes; designing, manufacturing and FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE!


Q: I need to see samples before I place an order. 

A: CLICK HERE to order a FREE sample pack! 


Q: What is your production lead time/turnaround time?

A: Check the FAQ under each product for product specific lead times.

Q: Will you re-distribute our designs/proprietary products?

A: We take confidentially very seriously which is why all posts to our social media are only we have taken consent from our clients. Furthermore if you require us to sign a NDA/Non-Circumvention that is not an issue.


Q: I have this amazing idea and Im looking for a manufacturer to make me samples.

A: Get in touch with us!


Shipping & Delivery Related

Q: Do you ship worldwide?

A: Yes!


Q: How long does shipping take?

A: Depending on where you live it can take anywhere from 3-7 days. We have experienced cases where it might take longer depending on the customs and port authority in your country.


Q: Are there are any shipping charges? 

A: All our products (listed on the website) are FREE express shipping worldwide. Please note that we are NOT LIABLE for any duties, VAT or other charges that may be imposed by your country.

PPAI Distributors / Re-sellers Related

Q: Do you drop ship/blind ship?

A: Yes of course! When you client receives their shipment, all cases will be marked with YOUR company name. There will be no markings of ROLL YOUR OWN PAPERS.COM or subsidiaries.