10 Ways to Help YOU Make Money In the Cannabis Industry

Curious how you can start making money with cannabis, CBD and medical marijuana.

You’d have to be living in a cave if you have noticed that the cannabis industry in North America is BOOMING!  It has become a golden opportunity attracting an abundance of attention from U.S. citizens all hoping to benefit from this.

So how do you start making money legally?  Can you get a piece of this Green Rush?  The only thin stopping you from joining the cannabis industry and start making cash from it is you lack of imagination or creativity.  However, we’re here to help spark your imagination with 10 different ways to start making money in the cannabis industry and help you benefit from this Green Rush.

custom cannabis packaging

Here are 10 Ideas for Making Money in the Cannabis Industry:

  1. Create a Brand — If you’re wondering how you can make money with weed, what about creating your own brand? There are a lot of companies that manufacture CBD products and offer white label services.  This means that they will put your logo on their products.  You can make A LOT of money with a successful brand however it does take time and determination.
  2. Create Cannabis-Related Content — Overall cannabis is already very popular and growing quickly!  If creating content is your thing you could create content that you could sell, such as educational videos or cannabis coffee table books.
  3. Cannabis promotional products wholesaler — With so many cannabis shops opening up, there are tons of opportunities in wholesaling cannabis swag. Find a company with a good collection of cannabis swag products and get out there and pitch those products. The profits on supplying cannabis promotional products can be very lucrative.
  4. Sell medical / cosmetic marijuana packaging— There is an explosion in the sales of cannabis in the medical and cosmetic space in Northern America.  You could sell the packaging for these products to the companies.  The child resistant glass jars, the custom shatter packaging and be their one stop for custom canna packaging.Custom Canna Packaging
  5. Start a Dispensary — This may be one of the more complicated ways to make money in the cannabis space as there a lot of regulatory hurdles you will need to cross however if this is something you have dreamed of it can be done,  You will just need the right finances in place alone with time and patience to cross all the hurdles.
  6. Open a Headshop — The procedure to open a shop that sells cannabis merch is a lot more simpler than trying to open a store that selling the herb and it can still also be a very lucrative business.Cannabis Promotional Products
  7. Promote Cannabis Events — If event promotions is your forte how about niching down and promoting cannabis related events and bring together the group of people who share their love for the herb.
  8. Cannabis Graphics Designer — If you’ve got a knack for graphic design, you’ll find tons of cannabis companies who would be interested in hiring you for your services.  To get started create your portfolio with different cannabis logos, ad, posters and start pitching your services to all the cannabis brands out there.
  9. Create your own Rolling Paper Brand — Have you always wanted to sell your own products and love the cannabis space?  What about selling your own custom branded rolling paper.  You get to customise the art work for the packaging, choose the papers you want to sell and the size that you feel would work best.  Want to get even more creative you could create your own custom rolling paper booklets with the crutches.  Custom Rolling Paper
  10. Cannabis S.E.O specialist — Many cannabis brands are well versed in the industry but when it comes to growing traction on line they aren’t so sure how to do it and are not getting the traffic online as they deserve.  If you are specialised in S.E.O marketing how about becoming a specialist for the cannabis industry.  There will be a lot of companies who will need your services

There you have it, 10 lucrative ways for you to join the cannabis industry.  If you are still wondering why you should join the industry well it is a multi-billion-dollar industry with massive career opportunities ranging from hemp farmers to bloggers to entrepreneurship.

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