4 Great Online Cannabis Dispensary Marketing Ideas to Increase Sales📈💰


If you’re the owner of an online marijuana dispensary and you’re looking for the best marketing tactics to increase visibility and traffic to your website, here we are sharing 4 strategic dispensary marketing ideas to help you do just that.


The Best Cannabis Dispensary Marketing Ideas For Your Online Business

Now that your online dispensary website is live you will be looking for effective marketing tactics to increase the online visibility of your website, along with getting traffic from organic searches which will grow your online revenue.

Digital advertising for dispensaries is one of the more favoured dispensary marketing ideas for cannabis, however it does require significant monthly investment in media/advertising fees and PPC (pay-per-click).  Another option is to advertise on Google search but the average CPC (cost per click) for the related keywords ranges between USD $8-15$+ which would add up to large sums very fast and get expensive especially for new dispensaries who do not have that kind of budgets

However that is no reason to get disheartened.  We have a number of other dispensary marketing tactics you can utilise in your marketing strategy that will fit well within your budget.

Some of these marketing ideas include local SEO and keyword strategy, social media marketing, e-mail marketing, blog content marketing.

Through this article we we’ll outline and discuss four effective dispensary marketing strategies which aren’t going to involve you investing a lot of money in to and should help your cannabis dispensary get an edge over competitors, increase your brands awareness, grow the number of visitors to your site and in turn increase sales and revenue

1. Online Dispensary SEO strategy🎯

If you want to sell anything online you need to make sure you are doing what is in your control to drive traffic towards your website as that is ultimately your store front.  Only if people visit your site will the sales be able to start flowing.  

An effective way to do this is by have a kick-ass dispensary SEO strategy, utilize the right keywords and optimise your blog content marketing strategy.  This will help your dispensary marketing by increasing the organic search traffic and your online visibility which will help your site rank higher on Google as well as other search engines.

Potential customers who are looking to purchase a specific cannabis strain or other cannabis products that you retail need to be able to find your website easily when they are searching for that item.  What this means essentially is that you need to aim to be on the first page of Google for them to see your website and enter it.

One way you can drive traffic towards your site it to identify highly converting keywords and optimise your content using them which will help boost traffic and sales.

We’ve done our own research and our findings show us that using long tail keywords can help your google ranking and increase sales.  When you pair the long tail keywords with top quality content you will start seeing a dramatic increase in your conversion rates and ability to reach clients organically 

Your SEO is vital in the online game - simply because this is what directly affects your website presence and hence online revenue.  If your product pages are not ranking higher than your competitors you are losing business which could potentially be yours.


2. Offer New / Loyal Customers Rewards🏆

Once potential customers visit your online dispensary they are more likely to make a purchase.  So what types of dispensary marketing ideas can you implement to get potential customers into your dispensary website?

Provide clients with a great incentive to visit your site.

How you do this will be dependable upon rules and regulation that are in place for your business.  However, an effective offer would be to keep the barrier-of-entry for first time purchasers relatively low.

Few of the rewards you could offer: 

  1. You could offer BOGO (‘buy one get one free’) which will make clients feel they are a fantastic deal which they are not able to from another dispensary and decide to buy from you
  2. Offer free custom rolling papers with each ounce purchased.
  3. You got have a special one time 20% off promo code which is valid for a certain period of time.
  4. Encourage Referrals - this could look like offering “Give $10 and Get $10” or you can offer reward points for every friend a current customer recommends to your dispensary. Another option you could use is by using social media. If someone “likes” a post from one of your loyal customers, you can send them a unique link to a special promotion that’s just for them.   You will need to work out which referral program works best for your dispensary.  They give you an opportunity to get creative, since there are unlimited ways to share the love.

The key to successfully pulling off this dispensary marketing idea is that customer should feel they are getting a great deal which they are not able to from another dispensary.

Excellent customer service, an easy to use website, and a great deal on products is the key combo to acquire new customers and retain your old ones.  Through our own experience we’ve seen online customer LOVE a go 20%-25% off promo code.


3. Online customer Reviews and Recommendations ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

When a customer makes a referral, recommendation, or even better, leaves you an online review on google offer both the customer (and their referral) credit for your store, a free gift, or any other bonus item of value.

Utilising this strategy is beneficial because you are able to drive new clients on to your site and potentially get client reviews, whilst the customer is getting a great deal from your online dispensary.  A win-win situation.

You could also run competitions on Instagram (other social media platforms) where they are to share different images of them using your products and turn this in to a competition.  This is a great indirect way of reaching more people through your clients.  The key in this is to tell them they need to tag your dispensary and use a custom promotional hashtag to be entered in to the competition.

Remember reviews and ratings of your products and your shop can really boost clients trust in your online dispensary.  As they are not physically able to enter the shop they highly rely on other buyers feedback to asses the shop.


4. Have a great customer-friendly website💻

Custom Cannabis Promotional Products

Your website in your online store - so making it very visually appealing and accessible to your clients is of the utmost importance.  Once you’ve done all the work to bring them to store you don’t want them to click away without making a purchase.  

Few Ways to do this include:

Use High-Res Photos📸

Humans are visual creatures.  We process and understand visual images was faster than words hence product images makes a strong first impression on the customer.  It is vital to use high-res photos which attract the customer without losing their attention

Curate Your Store for More Conversions📈

An online store gives sellers complete autonomy over their customers’ experience.  Instead of doing what everyone else is doing, you are able to set up your online presence to suit you customer products interactions.  This can encourage a high conversation rate

Offer Online Support👩‍💻

Customer need to know that they will have support and someone to consult if they have any questions before making a purchase.  One of the best features you could offer on the site for this is a 24/7 live chat feature - if this is not possible you could instead offer this type of service during working hours

Provide Popular payment options💳

An online store can not exist without payments.  Offering a wide range of the most popular payment options make it easier for clients to check out and pay for their purchase without any hassle.

Ensure your online store-front is mobile friendly📱

These days more and more people are using their mobile phones vs their computers for making online purchases and the data shows this is just increasing.  Knowing this information it is important that your online store design is mobile friendly and easy for customers to shop on their phone.  Few tips to help you with this is: choose a vertical design over a horizontal design making scrolling the phone easier and do test out the responsiveness of your online store on your device to make sure it is very user friendly

Offer a tempting range of add on products🛍

As an online dispensary, if the main product a client is entering your store for is a certain cannabis strain it doesn’t mean that you can sell addition products to them which complement the herb.  This will help bump up the over all value the client spends in your shop and you are also doing them a favour allowing them to get everything they need at one stop.  Few examples of ideas which would be the perfect complementary product include:  custom rolling papers, pre-rolled cones, custom rolling trays which promote your dispensary and custom grinders.

Custom Cannabis Promotional Products


All the tactics for marketing your dispensary will help bring customers in your retail store and once the come in you can show them everything your store stands for.  Having a strong online presence, great products, loyalty incentives, onsite marketing will all give your dispensary the helping hand is needs for success.

If you are look to source cannabis swag and cannabis promotional products for your dispensary check out our website Roll Your Own Papers to see what you can offer your clients!


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