8 Cool Hacks To Grind Weed Without A Grinder

When you have been smoking weed for a while or if you are new to the game, you will have quickly realized that the makings of a perfect joint relies on the quality of the weed, but also the consistency thereof.

A proper weed grinder is essential when you want those perfect cones that have a slow and gradual burn. Then again, one does not always have a home setup and it happens that you can run out of pre rolls over a weekend. That is why it is necessary to have a backup plan to ensure a proper grind of your stash.

Coffee grinder

They should just go ahead and say it. When they advertise coffee grinders, they should say that it doubles up as a weed grinder. There are not many machines out there that deliver the consistency of a coffee grinder in such a short amount of time. Just be sure to pulse the machine; otherwise, you might end up scorching your buds or grind it too fine.

Take your time and use small buds. If you overfill the container, then the bottom gets chopped super fine and the top is left untouched. Once you are done, be sure to clean the grinder or the next cup of coffee might have an extra unexpected kick to it.

Mortar and Pestle

There is nothing that says old-school like a mortar and pestle. You will feel like an ancient medicine man when you grind your pot in one of these bad boys. Granted, it will take some elbow grease to get the job done, but the result is so much more satisfying than anything else.

What makes this a great choice is that it presses and tears the bud apart, releasing those yummy flavors as you grind along. However, the trick is to let your weed dry out for a couple of minutes before grinding. This will prevent you from squeezing all the moisture out while you press down to grind.

Chef’s knife and chopping board

Nothing makes you feel more like a master chef than chopping your bud up like a pro. The key to chopping up your weed is to have a super sharp knife and a decent chopping board. Although you can use any sharp knife to get the job done, a chef’s knife is ideal. The broad and curved blade makes it easy to roll the blade over the flower-like a seesaw.

Your aim is not to see how quickly you can chop your buds up as that will only result in chopped fingers. Rather, take your time and ensure a consistent mix. Once you are done, make sure to clean the board and knife or the net meal will have more herbs than previously planned.

Cheese grater

One of the more interesting yet effective ways of grinding up your Kush is by grating it. This method is ideal if your stash a bit on the dry side. The buds are small and it might be difficult to handle, but the small size of the grater should produce a great consistency.

Mind your fingers as you grate as you do not want a bit of finger mixed in with your stash. Have a pin close by to get the stubborn bits out of the crevices as you do not want to sacrifice any bit of your weed to the grater.

Make your shaker

When you are on the go and do not have any tools with you, don't fret. With a small pill container and a couple of heavy coins, you can make a quick shaker. Pop a couple of coins in the shaker and add the buds and secure the lid. Now all you need to do is shake it as you mean it.

After about 10 seconds of shaking, check the consistency and if there are still a couple of nuggets, have at it again. Be sure to not over-shake or the result will be powdery and unsmokeable.

Use what you were born with

No one ever said that a mechanical device is a must when you grind your weed. Ask yourself what the purpose of grinding your buds are. The only thing you want to achieve is to get a fine texture to make a decent blunt. Your fingers and nails will do the trick just fine when you do not have anything else around.

Sure, it takes a bit longer but the alternative is not smoking at all. Before you start breaking the buds into more manageable pieces, you should wash your hands. No one likes dirty weed. Lastly, when the weed is sticky, be gentle and take your time. You could compress the weed and make it hard to smoke.

Shot glass and scissors

It often happens at a party that the prerolls run out and then a new batch needs to be prepared. The chances are that there will be more than enough shooter glasses and a pair of scissors somewhere. You might wonder why a shooter glass and not any other glass. It is the perfect size to stick the tip of the scissors in and start cutting away.

Start by adding a bud and cutting it in half and then start chopping like a barber. The shooter glass acts as a bowl and makes it easy to contain the fine mixture. Place the glass on a smooth and clean surface in case something spills. When you have reached a decent consistency, pour your spoils directly into a cone and let the party continue.

Bring out the big guns

The size of the party will often determine how much Kush needs to be ground. When the need calls for it, collect some MJ from your friends and make a healthy blend in a blender.

This is probably one of the more unconventional methods of grinding it up, but when it works, who are we to deny the method. As with any other blending method, just make sure that you do not over blend or grind and clean your equipment afterward.   

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