It doesn’t seem possible.  

But it is.  

You can enter the cannabis industry by the end of the year by launching your own custom rolling paper brand.

It’s still our most sought after product.  And it’s fully customisable.

canna swag rolling paper

The details of customisation available to you include:

  1. YOUR custom artwork printed on the packaging.
  2. Choose the size of paper you want - options include 1 1/4, king slim size, single width size
  3. Decide what kind of paper do you want 
    • rice white paper like elements, 
    • unbleached unrefined wood pulp like RAW brown, 
    • unbleached 100% pure hemp pulp like Raw organic
    • Pink papers like Blazy Susan

4. Would you like printed papers or does au natural suit your branding more?

5. Let’s talk flavours - would you like your paper to be flavoured?  We have over 5 different  tempting flavours to choose from. 

dispensary swag - rolling papers

6. Finally choose your quantity - are you planning to start out with a trial run of 150 booklets or are you going BIGGG.  At Roll Your Own Papers we are a fully in house integrated company so the size of your order doesn’t matter, we are able to do it all form 150 booklets to 100,000+

Once you have made these 6 choices all that is left to do it place your order at and let us work our magic.  We will manufacture YOUR custom rolling papers which will be delivered to you ready to sell as soon as you open the delivery box.

custom hemp rolling papers

Any questions? Any queries?  Drop us an e-mail, come chat to us on the website or DM us on instagram.  There is always someone available to help you out!


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