Are you ready to live a life of complete freedom?  Work when you want want, live where you want and have ZERO financial pressure?

Are you unhappy with your job and income..

Tired of waking up early, commuting to work and selling your time for money?

Ready to make a change..

We have had so many clients create their dream life by starting their own custom rolling paper brand.

Once you start you will never look back, after you make the decision to commit to changing your life forever and succeeding.

Over the past decade we have witnessed so many individuals create their own custom papers with us and live a life of complete freedom.

If you are ready to find out how you can start your own rolling paper brand now.. look no further.. we are going to share all the details with you.


1. Know Your Target Market

The first step to standing out from the crowd and get your papers seen is the right branding. When a client is choosing which papers to buy the first thing that will catch their eyes is the branding on the packaging.  Knowing your target market will drastically increase your success rate as you will be able to create a product targeted at that audience.

Different segments of the market have different requirements - such as the type of papers the like to smoke, the length of papers they prefer, the packaging that entices them - so it is crucial to first know who you want to aim the products towards and then you can work backwards. 

Once you have this figured out you will be able to create the artwork - the design on the packaging which will be the first encounter the customer has with your product.  Roll Your Own Papers are the only manufacturers who can offer your a free mock up of your artwork, so if he need some help we’ve got you covered!

Custom gold rolling papers

2. Choose Your Product

Now that your have decided you are selling rolling papers we need to start getting more specific on exactly what size you want to sell and what type of papers will work best for your customers.

For example if you were targeting a ‘eco-friendly, vegan, health conscious audience’ you may want to go with the UNBLEACHED UNREFINED WOOD PULP 12.5GSM - LIKE the RAW BROWN papers.

Hemp rolling papers

If you were targeting female Kawaii enthusiasts our custom pink rolling papers would be the ideal match to brand for that target audience.

Pink Rolling Papers

Once you decide the size of the papers, the type of papers you want to sell and have your artwork figured out you are ready to place your order.

3. Placing Your Order

At Roll Your Own Papers we are experienced at helping start ups create their own custom line of rolling paper with ease.  We have a team in house who can guide you through the process step by step and we are also fully equipped to handle the full production from as low as 100 booklets and ship you your products ready to retail. 

Alongside all this we can also guarantee the highest quality printing and papers at the most competitive pricing. 

Once you have placed your order on our website you can chill and rest assured your will quickly have your products delivered to your doorstep (or wherever it is you want the shipment to reach) ready to help you start making the $$$🤑

Custom Rolling Paper booklets

If you need more help with the process get in touch with one of our representatives at who can help you through the whole process of choosing the right papers to launch with, getting the artwork done and products delivered to your doorstep.  Let us help YOU create YOUR dream of having your own custom rolling paper business

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