Marijuana Packaging – How to Keep Your Weed Fresh

Having enough weed on hand for the weekend is crucial. For day-to-day users, this can be a problem because weed has a shelf-life. When your cannabis dries out, it burns your lungs and throat and it loses its potency and flavor.

We're going to share what we've learned to keep your stash fresh for longer. The material that your container is made up of plays a massive role in keeping your weed fresh, but the container itself is also vitally important. Before we look at how your packaging plays a role, let us have a look at what degrades your pot.


The influencing factors

Ganja is an organic and natural substance, which means that it is susceptible to the same influencers as other organic materials. The big three culprits are: air, temperature, moisture and light. These three factors play a part in altering and degrading the chemical compounds that make weed such a special herb.

Your stash needs to be stored in cannabis packaging that regulates the temperature. It helps to place your container in a spot that is cool, but not cold. Temperature fluctuations, especially extreme cold and heat, mess up the psychoactive potency of your weed.

Decarboxylation is the process by which the cannabinoids are activated so that the endocannabinoid system of your body can interact with it. Heat serves as a natural decarboxylation catalyst, which then breaks down the cannabinoids before you can get that high you are looking for. It will still help you sleep like a log, but you will not get that kick which you really want.

The heat also dries out the terpenes, which give your bud its distinct flavor and aromas. This makes it much harsher to smoke as it burns your lungs.

Mildew and other types of mold can also develop if there is too much moisture in your container and the temperatures rise above 77 Degrees Fahrenheit. If you try and do the opposite and freeze the weed, then you end up breaking down the trichomes and this spoils the batch as well.

Lastly, the sun is your marijuana’s worst nightmare. While the bud is still attached to the plant, all is happy in the world. However, once it is removed from the plant, it starts to deteriorate. The ultraviolet rays from the sun bleach your buds and break down the potency of the flowers. Sunlight is the single most destructive element that degrades your weed.

Traditional storage 

Traditionally, weed has always been stored in airtight, tin and ceramic jars. These marijuana packaging methods have been around for ages and are still being used in some nostalgic circles. Some people love giving these vintage containers to their friends as a sort of weed accessory especially folks who have joined the stoner community recently. There is essentially nothing wrong with these containers, but after some use, they lose their airtight seal and effectiveness. This means that your weed will start to degrade much faster after a while.

Modern Cannabis packaging 

Things have come quite a ways for the stoners of the world. Now that the science community has joined the fold, new technologies are being developed and new ways of storing weed are being investigated. One of the new go-to containers and custom canna packaging methods make use of the humble mason jar. These jars are perfect, seeing that they come in different shapes and sizes and have rubber seals as opposed to their metal tin predecessors.

These jars are impermeable to oxygen and residual moisture and humidity have nothing on them either. Seeing that they are made from glass, they are also not easily affected by changes in temperature. As far as foreign chemicals, odors and compounds go, glass is as pure as can be and does not secrete any foreign substance that can kill the bonds on your weed.

If glass mason jars are too homestead-ish for your liking, then an airtight titanium box is your next best bet. These custom canna packaging and storing containers also do not secrete any gases that might ruin your stash.

Do not mix and match

Dispensaries are popping up like candy shops and the great thing about this is that all of them sell different strains of cannabis. Of course, you are going to try out more than a couple of buds, but if there is one thing that you should not do, it is to mix the different buds.

The freshness of the buds will not necessarily go down the drain, but the individual qualities of the different buds will mix, thus eliminating the authenticity and uniqueness of the different strands.

Container care

The one thing that you should always ensure is that your jars and containers are super clean. Just because you dedicate a container to weed does not mean that you can refill the container and never clean it. Residue can start to build up and before you know it, mold starts to form on your bud and then everything is ruined.

Always store your jars in cool, dark and moisture-free spaces. Cupboards, drawers and cabinets are excellent spots. If you want to be extra safe, put your container in a brown paper bag for that extra layer of protection. Never leave the container in the open on a table or near electronics that generate heat. Also, do not opt for a fridge as this causes undue fluctuations when you take it out.

As your stash starts to decline, it would be a good idea to transfer the kush to a container that suits the amount of weed. Storing a little bit of weed in a large container leaves more space for unnecessary air. For the ultimate solution, get yourself a vacuum sealer and seal your ganja jars to minimize oxygen.

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