Organic and Non-organic Rolling Papers

You love Mary Jane and you love Mother Nature. What is the best way to enjoy both? Use an Organic rolling paper! Enjoy a good joint without compromising Mother Earth. Roll it up with your friends and it will be like a smoke fest with nature.



Anyway, let’s cut to the chase and let’s talk about Organic and Non-organic rolling papers.


Organic and Non-organic Rolling Papers

Nowadays many countries are legalizing cannabis and you might want to know which kind of paper that’s smokes the best, right? Rolling papers are typically come in 2 types – Organic and Non-Organic.


Organic rolling papers are made from 100% hemp plants and converted into papers that are produced in the most natural way. No chemical pesticides, no synthetic substances. Fertilizers used are composted manure making it a natural and eco-friendly. It is also used by a medical patient because it is chemical free.


Non-Organic rolling papers, on the other hand contains dangerous and toxic chemicals that were applied in the production of materials - large amount of dangerous and toxic substances that may contribute to ill health and disease. These substances could be harmful not only for your health but also in the environment.


Some non-organic rolling papers are even bleached with chlorine to achieve a bright shade of white to make it more appealing. Others uses ink to color the rolling paper to give it a more distinct or attractive vibe to it.


Why do I switch to Organic Rolling Papers?

The question is, why not? Simply because it is environment friendly and it is free from any harmful chemical – giving your body a break from preservatives and synthetic substances. Smoke without the guilt of compromising your health.


It is expensive? Yes, it is priced higher than non-organic, but if you think of the benefits in the long run of using organic rolling papers, it can always give a positive impact on health and to the environment. Synthetic substances always bring down the cost of production of non-organic, making it inexpensive and affordable, but it could cause negative implications both in your body and in the environment.


As the saying goes, our health is our wealth, right? Well, our environment is our wealth too!

So, why not start today?



The Gummed and Un-gummed Rolling Papers

Rolling papers come with gummed or un-gummed versions. For gummed organic rolling papers, it uses a natural gum which is non-toxic adhesive that is used to close a roll. The well-known 100% natural gum is the Gum Arabic which comes from the Acacia trees from Somalia. It works best and safer with the natural rolling papers, adding to the natural experience on every smoking sessions.


Some people don’t like the taste of the gum, so they lean more towards un-gummed rolling papers. The only downside is, you would use saliva for moisture than you would in gummed papers. Some people apply honey in un-gummed papers as well.



Organic rolling papers don’t expire, but the gum will lose retention overtime. The gum is good up to 3 years and sometimes even more if stored properly. Just like other papers, organic rolling papers should be stored in a cool, dry place – keeping it from having mold and dust. Remember, storage is a key.


A Parting Piece of Advice

If you want a healthier approach in smoking, start using only 100% Organic rolling paper. Keep it natural, keep it eco-friendly. Because at the end of every joint, there is another one waiting.


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