For as long as people can remember cannabis and music go hand in hand like peanut butter and jam🥜🍓, so it is no surprise to see upcoming rappers and musicians leveraging their brand with cannabis swag and selling their own customised line of products. 

If you are ready to get started branding your own products like Snoop Dogg and Kanye West … we want to help YOU!

custom printed rolling papers

Whether you are a musician or a serial entrepreneur we want to help you brand and launch your own customised range.  We’ve got the designers, the products and the know-hows to help you get started TODAY.  Below we are going to show you just some of the merch that you can brand and start offering your fans whilst on the way to creating your own EMPIRE.

printed rolling paper - cannabis swag

  1. Custom rolling paper - Custom Rolling Papers had to top our list! 

Reason #1: this is the hottest selling item 🔥🔥🔥

Reason #2: the customisations on this are endless!  You can create a product which completely represents you!

Want to just print on the booklet - we can do it 

Want to print on papers - we can do it ✅

Want to add your favourite flavour to the papers - we can do it ✅

Want to offer your fans to be smoking gold - we have got you covered ✅

Want to choose you paper type and paper size - we have options ✅

gold rolling paper

Trust us Custom Rolling Papers need to be one of the products you are offering! 

If you can’t wait to get these babies in your hand don’t worry we can get YOUR own customized booklets out to you as fast as 2.5 weeks (once you’ve approved the artwork of course!)

Custom rolling paper

2. Pre Rolled Cones - Here is an idea… instead of all the SWAG people are expecting why not offer them something extraordinary 😍!  Offer them a custom branded pre rolled cones to smoke their favourite herb. This is the ultimate customisation that is not available anywhere else!

Cannabis swag - pre rolled cones

3. Rolling Trays - Every smoker needs a rolling tray and what’s hotter than having one from their favourite artist’s latest collection.  We can supply the🔥HOTTEST🔥 tray with full colour print, edge to edge.  The print on a custom tin rolling tray is unmatched versus melamine. As we use flexographic print technology, if you design has gradiation, lots of colors - tin is your choice hands down.  This is another MUST HAVE in your swag range - fans will be waiting to get their hands on it.

Cannabis promotional products custom rolling trays 

4. Custom Herb Grinders - There is nothing like there custom herb grinders that exists on the   market! We’ll print YOUR design FULL on the rolling edge, top and bottom base with FULL colour.  They are super premium with sharp diamond teeth and a scrapper elevating your brand to the next level!  

cannabis promotional swag - herb grinder

5. Custom Beanies - Love ‘em or hate ‘em beanies are of those products the guys who love ‘em are always wearing.  Let them walk around showing their love for your music with branded beanies from your SWAG RANGE.

Custom Cannabis Swag Beanie

6. Custom Slippers🩴 - Offering Custom branded slippers creates an opportunity for YOUR fans to step inside your shoes and walk around feeling like YOU!  Picture them walking around St Tropez with YOUR BRAND NAME on their feet! Thats real estate no one is going to miss!


Custom Cannabis Swag slippers


In the past musicians have relied mainly on their music to bring in the 🤑$$$🤑 however with the changing times we are witnessing a change in trend where they are not more heavily relying on sales of their swag range. 

Whether you are just getting started or you’ve been in the game for a while we have the products you need to start or grow your SWAG range.  We’ve worked with some of the biggest names in the industry and we would love to support you in your venture.

As always if there is something that you have in mind but can’t find on our site - send us a DM on instagram: @rollyourownpapers.com or e-mail us at hello@rollyourownpapers.com and let’s chat.  If you can dream it we can make it!  Let’s work together turn your vision in to a reality!

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