Top 10 Ways to Use Cannabis

Some people use it to get stoned out of their minds. Other people use it go take the edge off and others yet, use it to get a good night’s rest. Cannabis seems to be the new wonder herb and the Western world has finally caught on to the versatility of this plant. 

Up until recently, it was illegal in most states to use it, whether for recreational or medicinal purposes. That picture has changed drastically and now people are looking for new and inventive ways to use weed. Here is a quick list of all the ways one can use marijuana. 

Hitting up a pill or capsule

For those who want to use cannabis for its medicinal qualities, there is no better way than a pill or a capsule. These are concentrated and made from only the best flowers with the right amount of THC and CBD. 

As far as medical studies go, the effects of the cannabinoids and the ailments that it can address range from mood disorders, depression, anxiety and pain relief for people who struggle with joint pain and arthritis. Then again, some people have respiratory issues, so they ingest a capsule loaded with THC for a clean high.

Dabbing some concentrate

Another method for utilizing weed extracts and concentrates is through dabbing. The concentrate is usually used together with a solvent like butane ethanol or carbon dioxide to produce a sticky oil or wax. 

There are other versions that do use any solvents, but the end result is the same. This wax is then vaporized with a special dab rig, torch or e-nail. The vapors are much cleaner than smoke and deliver a clean and potent high.                                                    

Traditional bongs, bowls and bubblers

For the more traditional experience, nothing comes close to a good old bong. The water in the bong cools the smoke before it hits the lungs and makes for an easier smoke. For a quick hit every now and then, a bowl works wonders as it fits in a pocket and is perfect for a one-hit number. 

For the ones who cannot decide between a bong and a bowl, there is the hybrid bubbler that works just like the pipe, but with some added water for that cool smoke feeling. 

Rolling a Jay

You do not get any more traditional than rolling a fat jay. For many weed smokers, there is something about a joint that makes for a special experience. Rolling a decent joint is an art and the old-timers won’t even bother with the newer type of smoking weed. 

This is all about the experience and the ritual of rolling a fat one and enjoying the slow burn and gradual high. Whereas cigarette papers were the standard back in the day, the game has evolved and now you can choose between traditional paper, rice paper, flavored, wood pulp or hemp varieties. 

Stacking a blunt

Now a good old blunt is to joints like cigars are to cigarettes. Although it is essentially the same thing, a blunt is a much bigger version and meant to be enjoyed in sessions. If one cannot get cigar paper, there is always the option of emptying a cigar and refilling it with the good stuff. 

What makes this such an attractive option for people who like smoking weed is the variety is flavored paper. The other aspect of the blunt that is superior to a joint is the fact that it burns much slower and lasts longer.  

Eat your weed

They do not call it vitamin green or herb for nothing. Cannabis makes an excellent addition to meals. Many dispensaries have taken advantage of this fact and have created several edible treats that are infused with cannabis. You can get your hands on anything from sweets, chocolates, brownies and weed-infused drinks. If you love the culinary arts, then you could also give home recipes a try.  

Extract the oil

When it comes to oil extracts, there are two main varieties. Oil extracts that are high in CBD are mainly used for medicinal purposes. A ton of research has been done on the effects of CBD and the results just keep pouring in. 

So far, the evidence suggests that this stuff is like an all-in-one medicine for anything from pain to sleep disorders and anxiety. For the psychoactive effect that many people are after, there are also THC oils that you just drop under your tongue and wait for the magic to happen. 

Modern Vaping

A couple of years ago, the e-cigarette came along and revolutionized smoking in general. Many people were not impressed, but the tech got better and better. Then they realized but if you can flavor a vape oil with cotton candy, then you can flavor and enhance it with weed. 

Many newbies opt for the vape option because of the enhanced high effect and it being a bit easier on the lungs. Not to mention the variety and customizing ability that the tanks of today have. 

Spray it on

Oral sprays have been around for a long time. It used to be reserved for the menthol and mint industry to give you that fresh breath when you need it most. Thanks to weed, there are no oil and alcohol-based sprays that can give you that extra bit of confidence when you are about to go on a date. 

These sprays work exactly the same as traditional mouth sprays, but the effects are so much better. These sprays can either be used for medical or recreational purposes and come in various levels of potency.  

Rub it up

One of the most popular ways of using cannabis has to be in localized pain relief. Massage oils that are infused with CBD and HTC have exploded in popularity and for a good reason. The pain relief it brings is second to none and the best part is that there are no medical side effects. Athletes al over are starting to use these oils because it is superior.  




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