5 Luxury Cannabis Promo Gifts for the sophisticated stoner


If you’re looking for cannabis promo ideas for the sophisticated stoner you’re in the right place.  We can’t get enough of these cannabis promotional merchandise.  They are unique and the perfect gifts for the cannabis industry.

cannabis promotional products

First, let’s go over what we adore about these products.

What we love about these cannabis promo gift ideas:

  • Marketability:  When clients receive these gifts they can immediately appreciate the effort your brand has put in to choosing a high quality gift - one the will actually want to use again and again.  Each one of the products combines excellent design and functionality.
  • High Utility: Promotional rolling trays, premium joint cases and slick gold rolling papers are just few of the most sought after cannabis promotional products. Customers can put joints in the joint case and use it to carry around their pre-rolls, thereby enhancing their smoking experience. Who would want to throw such useful item?
  • Branding Opportunity: Each one of these promo products allow full customisation which is the perfect opportunity for the clients to continuously be reminded of YOUR brand. Have your brand logo printed on the products will strengthen brand visibility.

What makes effective cannabis promo gift?

With more and more entrants in the cannabis industry is it becoming increasingly competitive.  Now it is more important that every to distinguish you brands.  Below we are sharing some ideas to improve your cannabis promotions

  • Innovate - if you want to create a long lasting impression with your clients through branded promotional gifts using novelty designs can be benefit your campaign a lot.
  • Don’t Forget The Packaging - Enhance your promotional products with custom packaging.  First impressions are lasting impressions so make sure as soon as your customer gets hold of the product they are immediate wow’d with the packaging it is in.  Speak to one of our representatives at RYOP to find out our fully printed packaging options.
  • Innovate - From the list below you will see all these products will leave a lasting impression as they offer novelty design.  Each one of the products are impressive with an artistic appeal.

5 of our recommended products for the sophisticated stoner:

1. Custom Leather & Metal Premium Joint Case

These premium leathered textured on a metal frame case are perfect for clients to carry their joints or pre rolls in a sleek case.  Custom print your logo on the the PU leather to give that premium brand feel to your clients -elevating your brand to the next level and letting them remember you each time they pull it out.

2. Custom Trinity Cone Holder 

Made from 100% natural wood, this trinity cone holder is a fantastic item to give to your clients as when they be passing the trinity around - its your brand they are promoting! 

3. Custom Stainless Steel Rolling Tray

custom promotional premium rolling tray

 The custom stainless steel trays are SUPER PREMIUM rolling tray! Made from 100% SS430 stainless steel we can custom engrave your logo on it making it look super classy!  A tray every sophisticated stoner will want to be pulling out each time they roll.

4. 24K GOLD Rolling Paper

24k gold rolling paper

Give your clients a first class experience and let them smoke Gold!  Our Gold Rolling Paper come with full edge to edge custom printing on booklet and display box.  The classiest of papers they will want to show off.

5. Custom Spoon Pipe 

Custom cannabis spoon pipe

This is the perfect smoking pipe which you can brand with your logo on it? Made from zinc alloy with a wide range of colour bases, take your dispensary brand to the next level with this purchase.


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Cannabis Promotional Products

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