Why Your Brand Needs to Use Custom Pre Rolls

Custom pre-rolled cones are the ideal way to market your brand because details are everything.  Having your logo printed on the cones are a brilliant way to increase the visibility of your brand.  When your pre rolled cones are being smoked, consumers are literally holding your brand in the fingertips and will start associating that happy buzz with your brand.  This will create such a positive association with your brand that they will be hooked to buying your pre rolled cones.

Custom Pre Rolls

The list of way you can customise your pre-rolled cones are constantly increasing.  From the paper size, material, colour, printing options, pre rolled tip design - you are able to customise every part to become the perfect representation of your brand. 

We have seen a rising trend 📈 of cannabis brands using custom pre-roll cones as a way of advertising their brand.

Now that we also have the best pre rolled packaging options available it makes it so convenient for smokers to take their pre-roll on the go with them in their pocket without risking it getting crushed.

custom pre roll packaging

At ROLLYOUROWNPAPERS.COM all the papers we use are naturally sourced and do not contain any harmful chemicals in them.  This is why we can proudly boast that each pre rolled cone does offer a smooth, slow burn and leaves no residual aftertaste. 

What are Custom Pre Rolled Cones?

Even with the numerous ways available for people to consume cannabis - such as vaping, dabbing, and tinctures, research has showing that the classic method of lighting up a joint is still the majority of consumer’s favorite way to enjoy the herb.

Due to users preferring the pre-roll option, its popularity and sales have soared and taken over custom rolling paper booklets.

Stocking custom pre rolled cones are one of the best branding tools for dispensaries.  You can pack your custom herb in to custom branded pre rolled cones for your consumer to enjoy whilst having your brand name at their fingertips.  The feedback we get from dispensaries using their own custom pre rolled cones they purchase from us at ROLLYOUROWNPAPERS.COM is just amazing.

Another massive benefit of pre-rolls is for the new newbie smokers - each time your smoke you’ll feel like a professional smoking a perfectly made pre-roll.  No more fumbling try to roll a joint only for it to fall apart.  The feedback we’ve got from people using our custom pre rolls is that they can now enjoy a perfect joint every single time with so much each.  All you need to do is pack the herb in and smoke it.

How To Pack A Cone

Follow these steps to pack custom cones expertly:

  • Step 1️⃣: Grind your herb. Be sure to remove stems and seeds🌿.
  • Step 2️⃣: Take a pinch of grounded-up marijuana and sprinkle it into the cones.
  • Step 3️⃣: Use a packing tool; gently push the herb into the cone until the cone is about 90% full.
  • Step 4️⃣: Twist the top end closed🌪.
  • Step 5️⃣: Light up your cone and enjoy🔥💨!


Why do I Need Custom Pre-Rolled Cones?

Custom pre rolled cones are a way to set your brand / dispensary apart from the rest of the brands in the industry. Utilising creative branding customised pre roll filters will elevate your product and making customers keep coming back for yours

The combination of options for our custom printed pre-roll cones is extensive. We offer child-resistant, tamper-evident, and compliant choices for pre-roll packaging With so many cannabis packaging designs options, your company has the freedom to bring its brand logo to life!

Where to Buy Custom Pre Roll Cone Packaging Wholesale

At ROLLYOUROWNPAPERS.COM we offer a huge variety of custom pre roll cones at the most competitive prices in the industry.  Whether you’re looking for a classic pre rolled cone or some with your twist on it we can make it happen #youdreamitwemakeit.

Contact us at hello@rollyourownpapers.com to speak to one of our awesome agents who are waiting to help your execute your custom pre rolled cone to perfection. 

If you are still not exactly sure how you would like to do your cones give us a shout and one our experienced team members would love to discuss all the different options  available with you to create a kick ass product for your brand. 

Want to browse ideas? Check out our website here to get a glimpse of some of the awesome things we are doing.

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