Custom Pre Rolled Cones in Tower Box Packaging (50CT) - ROLL YOUR OWN PAPERS.COM
Custom Pre Rolled Cones in Tower Box Packaging (50CT) - ROLL YOUR OWN PAPERS.COM
Custom Pre Rolled Cones in Tower Box Packaging (50CT) - ROLL YOUR OWN PAPERS.COM

Custom Pre Rolled Cones in Tower Box Packaging (50CT)

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Custom Pre-Rolled Cones in Bulk Format with FREE Shipping



Running a dispensary or grow up and sick and tired of buying pre rolled cones in the US with a name brand on it? This purchase is for you! Here is an idea...instead of selling your premium herb in a pre-printed name brand pre rolled - why not print YOUR BRAND name on the pre rolled? DUH!


Why custom pre-rolled cones?

  • How do you make your product stand out, if you and your competition are both using a RAW/Futurola pre-rolled cone? Short answer; you can't! Cause when your customer buys your bud over a competitor, lights the cone, all they see is the RAW and Futurola! That's what they remember! Stop the insanity and buy custom pre-rolled cones!
  • Do the math - a single case of 6000 cones is under $0.09 a pre-rolled cone delivered to your doorstep - you pay $0.10 for a name brand plus shipping. Buying custom pre-rolled cones saves you money! 


The choice of the sizes are:

  • 1&1/4 Size | 84mm x 26mm - The best selling size!
  • 98 | 98 x 26mm
  • King Size | 109mm x 26mm


Paper types you can choose from:

  • Unbleached 100% Pure Hemp Fibre 13GSM - Like RAW Organic.
  • Unbleached Unrefined Wood Pulp 12.5 GSM - Like RAW Brown.
  • Rice White Paper 13.5GSM - Like ELEMENTS



  • 50 cones per colored tower box | 50 towers per shipping case | Total of 2500 cones per shipping case.



  • Full color edge to edge on the tower box and filter tips


So what are you waiting for? Hit add to cart and check out now!

For a comprehensive product catalog, please click here

For a free mock up, please click here

  • Sizing availability:
    • 1&1/4 Size | 84mm x 26mm Whole Cone/Tip
    • 98 | 98mm x 26mm Whole Cone/Tip
    • King Size | 109mm x 26mm Whole Cone/Tip
  • Printing area: Full color on the tower box and filter tips
  • Application technique: Full Color CMYK Printing.
  • Turnaround time: 6 to 8 weeks.
  • Minimums: 200 tower boxes.
  • Setups: No.
  • Free shipping: Yes shipped via FedEx IE or DHL to door.
  • Blind shipping: Yes, please add note to order when checking out.

There is no hidden costs - no nonsense pricing policy.

To download templates, please see below links:


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us on

Q: Why is this a buy?
A: This is the hottest format for sale on Amazon!


Q: Print? What can you print?
A: FULL color CMYK on the tower box and filter tips!


Q: Are these cones with a straight gum line or curved gum line?
A: Its curved! Ours our machine made and NOT hand made. This way the consistency is 100% on every cone. No bubbles, no bumps, no creases! Stay away from hand made cones, as they use underpaid women to sit there and roll cones!


Q: Can you handle a totally custom project?
A: You bet! We can handle ANY custom project! #DreamItAndWeCanMakeIt - get in touch with us by clicking here to discuss your custom project!


Q: What are the minimums?
A: 200 tower boxes, AKA 10,000 pre rolled cones.


Q: Where do I get templates?
A: Check out the artwork guideline.


Q: What is the turnaround time?
A: 6 to 8 weeks production from the date you sign off on your artwork.


A: Do you offer a free mock up for print on Tips?
A: Of course we do! Click here for a free mock up!


Q: What is your paper base?

A:We have the following paper bases:

  • Unbleached 100% Pure Hemp Fibre (13GSM) - Like RAW Organic
  • Unbleached Unrefined Wood Pulp (12.5GSM) - Like RAW Brown
  • Rice White Paper (13.5 GSM) - LIKE ELEMENTS. 


Q: What gum do you use?
A: Certified 100% natural Arabic gum.


Q: I have an idea…?
A: Contact us on 

50 cones per tower, 50 tower boxes a shipping case.