The TOP 10 Reasons Cannabis Pre Roll Products Are So Popular 

What is interesting about the cannabis industry is that so many new products are coming on to the market but it is not prepared to entirely abandon its roots. Great developments are taking place in the pre roll segment of the industry.

There have been various popular innovations but pre rolls are one of the cannabis segments with the most consistent growth. They offer various great benefits, such as convenience, affordability, and accessibility.

Custom Pre rolls are basically ready-to-smoke joints that consist of ground up bud twisted in rolling paper and users can purchase them individually or in packs of four or more. Today custom cannabis packaging sets some packs apart from others. 

1. Convenient

Convenience plays a big role in the popularity of pre rolls. Carrying some pre rolled cones and a lighter is easier than carrying around a weed bag, rolling paper, pipes and other accessories.

For those constantly on the move, pre rolls are not only convenient and discreet but easy to dispose of after use. Custom cannabis packaging for pre rolls may be anything from metal tins which are reusable to pre roll pouches or child-resistant push and turn pre roll tubes. 

2. Good for beginner smokers

Pre rolled joints can be a great introduction to smoking cannabis. They are portable, ready-to-smoke and allow users to gauge the effects as they smoke, unlike edibles, where the onset of the effects are delayed and may lead to overconsumption.


Custom pre rolled conex


Pre rolled cones help those who have not yet learned how to roll a joint properly. Cannabis beginners appreciate the affordability, convenience and the opportunity to experience some interesting top-shelf options that contain specialty strains or concentrates.

3. Versatile

Pre roll producers are ensuring that their products are versatile and customized. For example, they are incorporating oils and concentrates into their pre rolls and using custom rolling paper. Oils are coated along the outside of the roll and concentrates are rolled into the pre roll. Some pre rolls are infused with extracts or high-THC oils to make them more potent.

The versatility helps the producers to stay relevant and they can sell their pre rolls for a higher price. Pre rolled cones may also include many strains, with indica, sativa and hybrid options. Custom cannabis packaging, like elegant joint cases, also offers more opportunity for distinctiveness.

4. Affordable

Pre rolls vary considerably in price but they are usually reasonable for their quality and convenience. Some of them can be as cheap as $5, while others may be more expensive than $25.

However, the spread of prices makes pre rolled cones affordable for most users and they can choose an affordable option for daily use and another more expensive option for the occasional splurge. Custom cannabis packaging can also increase the price of products. 

5. Quality

Pre rolls formerly had a bad reputation as they were usually rolled from low tier cannabis shake, what was left in a bud jar or even ground trim. These were mixed together and poured into pre rolled cones. 

With an increased demand for quality pre rolls, companies are rising to the occasion and today, top tier bud is available in pre rolled cones. Adding good quality oils and waxes heightens the smoking experience and custom weed bags are a far cry from the baggies of the past. 

A good pre roll uses quality flower and thin rolling paper. The way pre rolls are packaged is also an indication of quality. If there is a smell of cannabis emanating from a container, it is not properly sealed. If pre rolled cones come in a metal tin or well-designed custom cannabis packaging, it’s a sign the company is putting money into quality.

6. Quick effects

Pre rolls are a format that works well as smoke straight from the flower has a broad chemical range and makes a difference in the effects. The results are experienced quickly, unlike when using edibles which need to go through the digestive system. 

7. Many sizes

Pre rolled cones come in many different sizes, from the length of a pinky finger to the length of a cell phone. An interesting innovation brought on by legislation is the popularity of mini-joints. Mini pre rolls are geared towards active, productive users rather than lethargic stoners. They are great for on-the-go users looking for efficient, discreet and quick working products.

8. Distinctive papers

Pre rolls vary considerably in the type of papers used. The porosity of the paper affects how quickly the joint burns. Traditional paper is made from wood pulp but custom rolling paper is now being made for the more environmentally conscious from hemp, rice and cellulose.


Custom pre rolled cones


Custom rolling paper may be unbleached and contain no chalk, dyes or flammable additives. Different papers have different characteristics, varying in thickness, taste and aroma. The choice of custom rolling paper comes down to individual preference. 

9. Third-party lab testing

It is difficult to know what pre rolls contain. However, reputable, licensed dispensaries sell pre rolls that are lab tested by third-party laboratories for safety. They do not contain pesticides, heavy metals or other toxic ingredients. 

The brand selling the pre rolls should be able to assure consumers about the practices it follows, the ratio of THC to other cannabinoids and terpenes present and overall certification. Buying from a reputable brand with a transparent production process can help to ensure the quality of a product. 

10. Custom cannabis packaging 

The use of custom cannabis packaging by a brand can help to determine the quality of a product. A good brand’s packaging will include details on cannabis stickers such as the ratio of cannabinoids and terpenes, as well as some information on the expected effects. 

The right packaging also helps to keep products fresh and can increase the shelf life of pre rolls. For a pre roll to stay fresh, it has to be packaged well and not exposed to the air. 

A final word

Pre rolls provide consumers with a variety of benefits, from convenience to versatility. They range in size and potency from basic, flower-only joints to large pre rolled cones filled with top-shelf bud, wax and kief. Increasing demand and more competition has driven quality up and prices down. 

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