As we are seeing more and more states and starting to legalize cannabis and the  acceptance of the herb continuously grows (pun intended), marijuana products are in high demand (last pun, we’re done with them now.)

Whether you’re a smoke shop, dispensary, or a brand looking for the BEST cannabis swag, we've put together this list of some of the dopest cannabis swag to help you stay ahead of the curve and relevant amongst your clients.  If there is anything we have learnt in our time in the industry - is that when you give customers products they would spend their own $$$ on you know you've chosen the right swag.

1. 1/4” Full Custom Rolling Papers

Keep it classic with these custom ultra thin, slow-burning rolling papers. Your brand will pop with full-color edge-to-edge printing capabilities, and since we off THE BEST price point it ensure happy clients all around.  We can print on the entire booklet and the box that it comes in. We also do all different paper ranging from bleached or unbleached wood pulp or rice papers.  Check out our full custom rolling paper range here.

Custom printed rolling paper

2. Pre-Rolled Cones with Printing on Paper and tips

Ok this is taking the whole preroll cone game to the next level! This is the ultimate customisation that is only availible here!  This is the ultimate way to have your product seen and remembered by your clientele from the time the get the pre-rolled cone all the way to the time they light up.  Perfect way to have your brand remembered.

custom printed pre rolled cones

3. Custom Rolling Trays

Roll a perfect joint on top of a light weight custom printed rolling tray.  These melamine trays are a great option if you want a low cost tray that lasts almost forever and has edge to edge customization.  Every time a clients rolls a glorious joint they will link it to your brand by seeing your logo all over the tray every time they roll it.  Our melamine trays are 100% FDA approved  and one of the ultimate Cannabis Swag accessories.

Custom printed rolling trays


4. Custom Printed Face Masks

With the pandemic still underway safety is key for you, your employees and customers.  At the same time we want to be socially responsible and and not play a part in filling up the landfills with those horrid 3-ply masks - YUCK!  Our custom printed face masks are perfect for marijuana brands and dispensaries.  Turn your clients in to walking billboard of your brand with custom printed face masks.


Custom printed face maks


5. Custom Inflatable Joints

Custom Inflatable Joint

Summer 2021 we are seeing the world start opening up again and trade shows starting up.. it’s time to think of that hot booth item to get heads turning and the flow of traffic in to your booth - we have got just the item for you - fully customised inflatable joints. This inflatable pre roll cone comes in three sizes; small, medium and large - they can be printed edge to edge with your design!  They are dope and will get everyone posing for those insta pics.. and what does that mean for you INCREASED publicity!!  BOOM the marijuana promotional item that keeps on giving!!

As the years fly on cannabis swag will only become more prevalent.  Stay cool in front of your clients by supplying the dopest SWAG.  Reach out to us at Roll Your Own Papers today to get started with your order.  Click here to see our catalog.

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