How to Quickly Join the Cannabis Industry & Start Making Cash🤑 (+ FREE consultation to find the best cannabis promotional products for YOU)

You’re witnessing the boom in the cannabis industry and now you want to get in the game but unsure how to enter with all the barriers to entry in this industry.  We’re here to share with you the easiest and quickest way to join this booming industry and get a piece of the pie: by selling custom cannabis promotional products.

When it comes to the legal cannabis market, a lot more opportunity appears to be lighting up for promotional products distributors.  In this post we’ll be covering what exactly are promotional products, why they are important AND provide you with 5 HOTT product suggestions which will help YOU get started making cash🔥💵.

What are cannabis promotional products?  Simply put promotional products are custom items businesses, brands, dispensaries, CBD companies use to promote and advertise their brand. 

Why are cannabis promotional products important?  In an industry where the main product is either smoked or consumed in another form, long lasting products (such as promotional products) help elevate the brand and increase brand awareness amongst consumers.  This years Election Day ballot measures brought different levels of cannabis legalisation to five states – a sign that this niche will only continue to grow and the need for cannabis promotional products is just going to keep rising higher and higher (pun intended)!

The restrictions on advertising marijuana are very highly regulated, as is the case with other substances like alcohol and tobacco. With such tight restrictions, promotional products are one of the few marketing tools left available to marijuana companies.  

By the closing of 2025, the global legal marijuana market could reach a high of $66.3 BILLION. In the USA alone it is predicted to reach $30 BILLION.  

🛑STOP🛑 and read those numbers again.  Do you see why there is so much potential in this niche and why it is the BEST time  to get your foot in to this industry now.

Now we know what promotional products are and why they are so important in this industry let’s get down to business  and help you get a piece of that billion dollar pie!


1. CUSTOM ROLLING PAPERS - these elevate brands  by increasing brand awareness.  Every time a person smokes they will be reminded of the brand / dispensary.

2. CUSTOM CANNABIS GRINDERS - the purpose of grinders is to easily help break down the herb.  It will be easier for customers to try more flavours if these are given at dispensaries.


3. CUSTOM CANNABIS APPAREL - hoodies, caps, t-shirts we have it all.  Let your customers choose from a variety of the products they can give to their clients and BOOOOOM they now have a walking billboard promoting their brand.

4. VEGAN LEATHER ROLLING TRAYS - Our vegan leather rolling tray is intelligently designed as it held down by two buttons that allow you to assemble when in use and dissemble real quick when unwanted people walk into the room!  Fully customisable to help keep the brand present in the clients living space.  With this innovative product we can save the animals and give brands a product to keep their brand fresh in the customers mind.

5. CUSTOM CANNABIS AND MARIJUANA PACKAGING - When you enter a dispensary there are 100’s of products to choose from.  How do you pick?  One of the key elements in branding is the packaging the herb is packaged in.  You tell us your requirement and we’ll make it happen.

These are just 5 of the 100’s of products we offer to help you get started in the cannabis industry.  As we have seen the long-term trajectory of the marijuana market is up - and it’s only set to rise higher!  This is the best time to get in to the industry selling marijuana promotional products and to start building you connections within the niche.  The returns are bound to be lucrative

For a FREE consult with one of our representatives get in touch with us at and we will be happy to help you find the dopest products to offer your clients and walk you through the whole process!

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